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Location ad-fraud is an industry-wide problem and the7stars is refusing to sweep it under the carpet. Earlier this year we announced a new partnership with them to verify the accuracy and quality of its location-based advertising campaigns – and it has already yielded some excellent results with its clients.

Delivering results for Deliveroo

One example is with its client Deliveroo, which has rapidly expanded into new towns and cities across the UK. To ensure success, it needed to target creative in specific locations as the service became available. With display and video tailored to different regions, targeting had to be spot-on to avoid wasted ad spend.

To verify location data accuracy, our first step was to look at a UK map with all Deliveroo’s service areas plotted. Working with the7stars, we identified all the postcodes within these polygon areas, spanning 77 UK towns and cities. This provided long and complex location targeting criteria to all suppliers.

Our Verify platform could then identify that just 20% of the impressions were delivered in the correct location. Without stating the obvious, no one living in the Scottish Highlands, out of Deliveroo riders’ zones, needs a promo code for a takeaway outlet in Liverpool.

However, once the issue had been discovered, the7stars was able to make a few small tweaks. This included updating IP databases and only trusting data based on fixed-line connections (rather than impressions using cell carrier data). This helped to ‘weed out’ inaccurate data labelling in DSPs. The results were significant with accuracy rising to near 90%.

Setting the benchmark

This process makes you wonder if other brands are aware of location data verification. The UK’s digital display ad market was worth £5.25bn in 2018, according to the IAB. eMarketer global estimates suggest that around 25% of the display market is invested in data, of which we estimate that around 10% is spent on geolocation data specifically. So, if 90% of the data is wrong, this suggests that brands are currently wasting around £50m a year on mis-located ads in the UK alone.

Our experience working with the7stars and Deliveroo demonstrates that a benchmark of around 80% should be possible within a few days of the campaign launch. While not perfect, that’s a huge jump from the initial average of 20%.

When location data is accurate it is immensely powerful for agencies and their brands, and the7stars’ clients can rest assured that their advertising budgets are being spent effectively.

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If your organization uses location data, contact us to learn how improved accuracy and quality reduces waste  and produces better marketing results and outcomes.