Location Sciences Group – Verify

Why Certified Audiences Matter for Today’s Advertiser

If COVID-19 has proven anything to advertisers, it’s that driving smarter, effective, and efficient marketing is more important than ever. When selecting audiences, the quality of data used to build that audience matters and can dramatically impact performance. However, most data providers look and sound nearly identical, and buyers have limited insight into the quality of data they are buying. In fact, it makes it virtually impossible to know what you are buying is actually what it claims to be—until now.

Introducing the Industry’s First Independent Third-Party Certified Location Audiences!

Verified and certified for accuracy and precision by Location Sciences, Certified Audiences bring an entirely new level of transparency and trust to programmatic audiences.

In this webinar hosted on October 29, 2020, Location Sciences, InMarket and LiveRamp presented expert insight into why certified data is vital for today’s advertiser, key strategies to ensure increased ROAS, and opportunities to activate consumers with a new level of confidence.

Katie Coghlan

VP of Data Partnerships at Liveramp

Jason Smith

CBO at Location Sciences

Michael Della Penna

Chief Strategy Officer at InMarket