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The State of Privacy and Location Marketing

Location accuracy, privacy, and performance.

As the industry leader for independent validation & insights, our mission is to create transparency. Our core product, Verify, gives marketers and suppliers critical insights about the accuracy and quality of their location marketing.

This Report outlines how marketers will be affected by regulatory & iOS 13 privacy updates. Privacy’s impact on location data affects key pillars of performance such as audience quality, attribution and footfall confidence, and dynamic creative optimization.

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Both GPS and IP location data are persistent across a wide set of marketing technologies including planning, measurement, audience development, and attribution.

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Increased use of lower quality IP data specifically, presents a new set of challenges for marketers in the wake of decreasing GPS data availability.

Many marketing tools rely on location data.

As the industry adapts to privacy and consent, it’s imperative that marketers inquire about the data being used within their location marketing.

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