Location Sciences Group – Verify


As digital advertising progresses, brands are recognising the importance and value that location advertising provides in order to deliver personal and meaningful messages to their audiences. Despite brands recognising the importance of location targeted advertising, nearly two-thirds of spend is still being wasted because of poor quality data and mistargeted location impressions.

Based on 500 million digital location targeted impressions delivered in the UK and US from January-June 2019, reveals the real impact of fraud on accuracy and quality of location data signals. In the study, we measured the accuracy and quality scores of points of interest from the signals we saw to establish how many were mistargeted and fraudulent.

Additionally, we have been able to establish the quality of location data signals in the marketplace to find out the true percentage of GPS vs IP impressions. Typically, 90% of impressions should be of high-enough quality to be used for specific location targeting. But our results show that half of the suppliers had a signal quality score of less than 70%.

In today’s highly complex and black-box location targeted ad ecosystem, transparency is vital to understanding the true impact of your advertising, and for marketers to gain control over their ad spend.

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