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How we increased the effectiveness of Deliveroo’s geo-targeted ads

Source: The Drum


the7stars partnered with Location Sciences to increase the effectiveness of Deliveroo's...
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Location Sciences partners with Sito to boost location-based advertising

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine


Third-party data company Location Sciences has partnered with mobile data tech company...
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Location Data Verification Firm Location Sciences Expands to Americas

Source: Street Fight Mag


As the location data and marketing industries experience heightened calls for privacy and quality...
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Location based mobile advertising fraud is hard to police

Source: App Developer Magazine


Mobile ad targeting is a moving target - pun intended, and location data fraud and...
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3 ways to beat location ad-fraud



Location holds huge power in advertising. In fact, mobile accounted for $76.17 billion of...
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The Economics Of Inaccurate Location Data

Source: AD Exchanger


“Data-Driven Thinking” is written by members of the media community and contains fresh ideas on...
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Poor Data Quality Is Hurting Location-Based Campaign – Here’s How to Fix It

Source: Streetfight Mag


Even in the information age, there’s a lot of misinformation about where the data used to...
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Steps to safeguard location-based ad spend

Source: Fourth Source


Our location has become pivotal to our mobile lives. From Uber pinpointing exactly where...
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Confessions of a location data exec: ‘It’s a Ponzi scheme’

Source: Digi Days


Advertisers are scrutinizing their data pools more than ever in programmatic advertising...
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Location Sciences upbeat as anti-fraud platform impresses at trade show

Source: Proactive Investors


Verify, a platform that checks that data about consumers’ locations is bonafide, was ...
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Location Sciences raises £2.95m through share placement

Source: Mobile Marketing Magazine


Locations Sciences Group PLC, an adtech company that focuses on location data intelligence...
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